RickBlogPicRickman here for your comic book reading. Every Thursday (new comics come out on Wednesday, so head to your store right away!) Rickman Recommends will be posting his choices for the best comic books and comic related media.

Everyone familiar with the SSCBC will know Rickman, our fearless leader in comics, comic book history and comic book art!  He draws comics by day and teaches comic book art at night.

Reading comics at the early age of 1, he never stopped.  Thanks to his father, he has continued reading and drawing all forms of comics and graphic art.  His favorite character? Depends on the day, but usually it’s Green Lantern.

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Rickman Recommends, only at the Super Secret Comic Book Club.  Meet here every week and get his suggestions for your comic book reading.

Bring your list to your favorite comic book store and go home with a little extra POW and BANG for your bucks!