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Clue Number 4!


Here is our last clue of the day!  Once you finish with this, get to your nearest comic book store and get some Batman comics!

Through the years since Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics, he has inspired writers, artists, entrepreneurs, comics, actors and more.  Name three famous people who can say they have read the Batman comics, or that they have been inspired by them.  It can be anyone …

You are playing for a Batman Night Vision Goggle set, which is totally awesome.

Send your winning answers to :!!!!  Thanks for playing!

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Clue #3


Welcome to clue #3!

What would a Batman contest be without a reference to the infamous Batman TV show of the 1960s?  So here it goes:

During the series, there were lots of “POW!” and “ZOWIE” words flashed on the screen while fight scenes would roll.  Without using POW and ZOWIE, name at least ten of these words!

You are playing for TWO 4 inch Batman action figures!

Send your winning answers to Alfred@SuperSecretComic.Club.  GOOD LUCK!

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Clue Number 2

Clue 2
Clue number Two!

Batman is known as the “hero who never kills”, yet we know that he has killed some villains, especially in the early years.  Name three ways he has killed his foes, and extra points if you can name one or two of these villains.

Send you answers to: Alfred@SuperSecretComic.Club.

You are playing for a Batman Costume!  With utility belt and mask!

We will announce the winners at 5 pm!

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